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Custom roof truss design in Boonville, Evansville, and Bloomington, IN

Are you looking for a contractor to design wood roof trusses for your home or place of business? Truss Systems, Inc. is your best choice for custom roof trusses in Boonville, IN and the surrounding areas. Our specialists will construct a truss that's the right fit, color and design. Have your contractor contact us. We'll come out to your property, take measurements, build your trusses and deliver them to your contractor, who will then install your custom trusses.

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Importance of roof trusses

Importance of roof trusses

Roof truss design and creation requires specialized knowledge and skills that a general contractor may not possess. That's why you should turn to Truss Systems. Roof trusses are essential for:

  1. Increasing the stability of your roof.
  2. Adding support to one of the most important features of your home.
  3. Maximizing the service life of your roof.

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